Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Public Mental Health

This Postdoctoral fellow will be hosted by the Centre for Public Mental Health (CPMH).  CPMH is a collaborative inter-institutional multi-disciplinary centre that conducts high quality research on public mental health, and uses evidence for teaching, consultancy and advocacy to promote mental health in Africa. The desired impact is that the CPMH will be widely acknowledged as a key party in the strengthening of expert capacity in mental health policy institutions in Africa, and a reliable and respected source of information and knowledge for uptake and utilisation. More broadly, there will be a demonstrable increase in the number of African countries that are scaling up mental health services, and developing legislative and regulatory frameworks for public mental health systems.

Conditions of Award:

  • Postdoctoral research fellowships are only available to individuals who have achieved the doctoral degree within the past 5 years;
  • Applicants may not previously have held full-time permanent professional or academic posts;
  • No benefits or allowances are included in the value of the fellowship
  • Successful candidates will not be permitted to be on salaried/full-time employment concurrently. No service will be required in return of the award.
  • The successful incumbent will be required to comply with the University’s approved policies, procedures and practises for the postdoctoral sector.

Value & Tenure of Fellowship: The value of the Fellowship is R380 000. The tenure of the fellowships is 1 years. The fellowship is compliant with the SARS policies/rules and is therefore exempt from taxation.

Academic Criteria:  This fellowship is only available to individuals who have achieved the doctoral degree within the past 5 years. Applicants should have graduated with the PhD degree in the following areas: Psychology, Psychiatry, Public Health, Medicine, Social or Nursing and have a strong interest in Public Mental Health. The successful applicant must be available to commence with the Fellowship on April 1, 2017.

Application Requirements: Interested applicants should contact Dr. Katherine Sorsdahl at for an application package.

Deadline for Applications:  April 25 2017.

The University of Cape Town reserves the right:

To disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications, to change the conditions of award, and/ or to make no awards at all.