Our Funding Needs

To enable us to realise our vision and meet our objectives, we require funding that supports:

  • Mental health in low and middle-income countries, especially in Africa
  • Capacity building/training for mental health in low and middle-income countries.  Our emphasis is not on clinical training (e.g. professional training of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses), but training in the development of mental health systems, i.e. policy, service planning, research skills, etc.
  • Public health aspects of mental health research (e.g. mental health services, poverty and mental health, human rights aspects of mental health, mental health in primary health care, etc).

Our most pressing need is funding for our training programmes.  We require funds to offer our Post Graduate Diploma and MPhil in Public Mental Health, as well as funding to offer scholarships to candidates from Africa to undertake our training.  Should you be able to assist us in responding to the WHO’s urgent call to improve and strengthen professional mental health capacity in Africa[1], please contact us.

If you would like to contribute funding, please contact Gillian Hanslo at gillian.hanslo@uct.ac.za.